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Welcome to Café Settebello

Café Settebello

Take your taste buds on a journey through Italy!

Best Sunday Lunch Campbelltown

There is no need to keep looking for the best Sunday lunch in Campbelltown, here at Café Settebello we are proud to offer the best possible food any Italian restaurant could offer. We are a proudly Australian owned and operated café/restaurant with an extensive menu that will never cease to impress the most demanding palates. Our Sunday lunch menu consists of a wide range of traditional Italian dishes, ranging from homemade pizzas, pasta and risotto, to grilled meats and seafood. All our dishes are made with fresh ingredients and are prepared with love and care. We also offer a selection of delicious desserts, including a variety of desserts.
Our service is outstanding and our staff are friendly and attentive, ensuring that all our customers leave satisfied. We also offer a selection of Italian wines and beers to help you pair the perfect drinks with your meal. Finally, our prices are affordable, making Café Settebello the perfect destination for the best Sunday lunch in Campbelltown. So come and join us for a truly delicious Italian experience. Our team of chefs specialise in the techniques and mixing of ingredients to make your experience of eating a new dish or having the same traditional one you always order, a memorable time to keep in your heart.
So don't wait any longer to enjoy a high-quality dining experience at Café Settebello, the best Italian restaurant to eat the best Sunday lunch in Campbelltown that combines the best of Italian food, culture, and hospitality in one place. We also have an area dedicated to accommodation for your special events such as birthdays, work meetings or conferences, christenings, and even weddings. You can contact us if you want more detailed information about our services. We are ready to serve you and make your dining experience at our Italian restaurant the best culinary experience you have had!

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Passionate Chefs

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100 % Fresh Foods

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Memorable Ambience

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