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Welcome to Café Settebello

Café Settebello

Take your taste buds on a journey through Italy!

Pasta North Adelaide

We are Café Settebello, one of the most commonly selected places for people interested in finding the best pasta in North Adelaide. Through our commitment and dedication to constantly learning and improving, we have built a strong reputation in this industry, bringing together a wealth of knowledge to prepare the best Italian pasta in North Adelaide. You can rest easy knowing that Café Settebello you will find a team of experts who know how to combine technical skills andattention to detail jointly with a keen palate to create delicious and satisfying pasta dishes that will delight you.
We know that Italian pasta in North Adelaide is a beloved dining option for many people, so we made sure to offer a wide variety of tasty pasta dishes in a cosy and welcoming environment. Yes, here you will find classic pasta dishes like spaghetti with carbonara sauce to more creative dishes with unique ingredients. In addition, we offer a selection of salads and desserts as well as a wide variety of beverages to complement the pasta dishes you have selected. We want your experience with the best pasta in North Adelaide at Café Settebello to be fantastic. That is why our friendly staff will be attentive to any situation in case you need help with the menu.
So look no further than Café Settebello to try the best Italian pasta in North Adelaide because we're an excellent choice for anyone looking to enjoy delicious pasta dishes in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Contact us today if you want to make a reservation. We will be happy to assist you and provide you with the best possible service that you can find when looking for the finest place to eat pasta because we do not want to see anyone leave our Café without a smile on their face!

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Passionate Chefs

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100 % Fresh Foods

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Memorable Ambience

Perfectly simple and easy too free hour when our powersl being able to do what we like best.

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