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Our Story

Cafe Settebello
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Originally founded and located in Pulteney Street, Adelaide in 1988, Café Settebello set a new standard being the first Café/Restaurant in South Australia to publicly offer and specialize in traditional wood-oven style pizzas. The café eventually closed in the early 1990s after enjoying a successful stint.
Fast forward to 2017, Café Settebello was re-opened in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide at 84 Newton Road, Campbelltown. The new edition paid homage to the original, continuing to provide patrons with traditional Italian food such as Wood-Oven Pizza, Pasta, Risotto and much more!

About The Owners

Café Settebello is a family owned business and is under the current ownership/management of husband and wife, Rami & Lisa.
The couple took over the café in early March 2020, facing the challenge of bringing the café back to the heights it had previously seen. Unfortunately, a week after commencement the COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions were imposed, making the foreseeable future uncertain.
After a couple months of being able to operate for take-away and delivery only, restrictions finally started to ease. When doors were finally open to be able to dine-in again, the café had seen a complete transformation with renovations completed, and a new and improved menu put in place. An influx of customers and positive feedback followed with patrons loving everything the café has to offer and has put Café Settebello amongst the best Italian cafes in Adelaide!
We could list every improvement that has been made, but you will not feel the full effect until you come in and see for yourself! So don’t wait any longer… make a booking at Café Settebello today and experience everything it has to offer!

What We Have to Say

“When we arrived, we wanted to create a “brand new Café Settebello”. Our mission is to provide our customers with great traditional Italian dishes and outstanding service. We don’t want to see anyone leave our Café without a smile on their face!”
“We look forward to welcoming you into our café soon and provide you with an amazing Café Settebello experience!”
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